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Our Mission

The mission of Asha for Life Community is to provide relief to victims of human trafficking and modern slavery. We work independently and partner with other organizations to fulfill this mission by educating all people to the consequences of human trafficking and the sex slave trade, providing holistic health care, education, housing, employment training and opportunities.


The Impact of Trafficking and Slavery

Most trafficked people are never seen again by their families, but those who do return home after being trafficked face many difficulties.

  • Greater risk for being trafficked again;
  • Psychological damage;
  • Social rejection and isolation;
  • Being a financial burden on their families due to illness or disease.

  • the need /why
  • stats / most vulnerable
  • stigma
  • lack of resources
  • toll on victims

  • how to help
  • costs of help / amount needed
  • donations
  • non-profit
  • financial goals (prog meter?)

  • where it goes/what we do
  • how much reaches caregivers
  • supported prgms
  • results of help
  • How many more need help

ASHA For Life Community

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